Thursday, October 29, 2015


We are what we are stand for
Through all the memories and happy thoughts
Laughter and stories we shared
The longest day of happiness
When we are all together
Distance is just a dot
Nothing really matters

They say they will catch me when i fall
They say nothing will break this bond
They say we will be forever hand in hand
The say nothing can break us

Today the days passed. Changed
They were no longer the same
They created their own hive
Them far
I am no longer their kind

Thank you for the joy
Thank you for the stories so far
Thank you for the lesson

Today i'm taking my leap
Today i'll stand my own feet
Today i'll walk a different step
Today the trust is gone

I would be still smiling when the day starts
Finding new chapter of new beginning
Let memories be memories
Let moments be the moments
All the things we wouldn't be erased.

a soundtrack of the day, check the video below by Jhene Aiko - Eternal Sunshine

A thought by the end of month 10th.
Photos taken in many corners, and small roads i forgot the name. Singapore.
Thanks Amp

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Whoopsie hoopsie!! the missing gal is back on blogesphere! Life is on repeat and rapid speed lately. Been super busy with works and some previous projects has been passed, but now i'm trying to put my ass back on writing and blog posting again. So guys, me and some friends just did a small photo shoot months ago and actually we didn't really think about what's the theme should be done on this. Then i sudeenly came up with this mix pattern outfit, combining POLKADOTS and ZEBRA PRINTED faux fur jacket created such a random but fun feeling on me. I grabbed them and TOOK the poses and I JUST LOVEEEEE THE RESULT. 

Well speaking of wearing any outfits and how to combine them, as you knew it really these recent days the most people are wearing a simple monotone one or two layers called minimalism. This time i just need to let my self go bit wilder with dots and zebra stripes on my top, and magenta touch for my moodboost backdrop. The way you present your outfit is as easy as people seen you in real life. I'm a type of person who dare to wear "the unusual" for usual daily life, so if you one of them..go let yourself out and don't be shy to show who you really are.
So people, enjoy the MAGENTALISM !
Huge thanks for Denantyo for taking all these photos.

outfit deets: Hat by MNG // Zebra Stripes Faux Fur Jacket by h&m // Polkadots inner top bought in Bugis Junction SG// black boots with chain by forever21 // Black skinnies by Zara TRF


Saturday, April 04, 2015


What is behind those dark eyes?
What is pain without being hurt?
In life, you will swim the every feeling til it bursts out your lung.
In life, you will taste the sweetest bitter part .

I won't mind to fall.
I won't mind to fly.

As if BLVCK as my heart you could see
As it's darken by the mess i made

And I promise my self to
I mean it to

I will rise as the sun lighten my skin
I will stand tall like a loner big tree  
I will close the door and heal the wound



Outfit notes: 
Rubber Chelsea Boots by Jeffrey Campbell / shop here at
Oversized coat by STRADIVARIUS
Skinnies by Zara TRF
Bag Unbranded
Mesh Inner Top by Magnolia


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Special day with special dresses. Don't we all love pretty dresses and gowns? YES WE ALL DO. It's two weeks ahead to Valentine's day in February next month, i bet we are now started to think what to wear on a special night with our someone special. I've been searching some dresses references and found the good ones to  look for a perfect evening gowns . 

Gorgeous dress always reminds me to my unforgettable prom night at high school , the night i wore such a beautiful prom dresses with flowery headdress . I feel like being a princess for one night with a flawless prom night dress.

I have chosen my fave dresses references from VICTORIA'S DRESS , please kindly take a look here



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Happy Hunting, ladies! 


Lauretha Sudjono