Tuesday, August 19, 2014


here goes another outfit post, yeshh!! am so glad encouraging my self to post more stuffs here. so today's outfit, i'm tryna pull a bit neat style mixed with boots and DIY flower crown, and a bold red lipstick. i was kinda wondering how it will look on me, but this is worth to try. a sense of autumn look on the go.

i choose this outfit considering all the fabrics i wore here are light enough for a daylight outfit. cotton made trench coat, comfy shirt and stretch denim pants, with a touch of flat leather boots. basically, you can wear any Fave stuffs you like but not too much. some people asking me about how to find our fashion character, well the answer is as simple as you understand yourself. knowing your comfort style, your fave items to wear, and how confident of you wearing them. voila! you'll get your fashion character there.

i feel comfort of wearing different items in different occasions. we have to suit to some right on time situations, aren't we?. my other simple tips for you, do not think too much deciding what you're gonna wear. personally, i'll end up with wearing things i don't really want to wear if i think too much bout it. so here i speak to you that fashion is about having FUN, yes! wear any stuffs that makes you happy.

DIY flowercrown// GAP cotton trenchcoat// Cheap Monday denim pants // Lacoste shirt// MNG leather boots

Anyway, have i told you that I AM A HUGE FAN OF BOOTS? yessh! i love boots so much, i can shop boots like three times in a month when i think i really want it. I love walking with my boots!! this boots is one of my fave collection. made of leather and so comfy. Speaking of fashion references, still i have my own fave online boutique SHOPBOP.COM . There, i can find many stylish boots that makes me wanna collect more and more stuffs from it. I'm thinking of adding more boots collection from SHOPBOP.COM and these are my personal favorites :)

from left to right click on below:

from left to right click on below:

So i hope the links will help you guys to find your favorite stuffs. I can't wait to purchase mine :).

see ya on my next post!



Monday, August 04, 2014


ah, hello there my favorite readers and finally an outfit post coming your way. Welcoming August and making me feel fresher than ever. After spending the two weeks major holiday for Eid Mubarak here in town and visiting relatives outta town, now i'm sparing my time writing and posting an outfit post for this blog.

This outfit idea came out base on how dark color helps you to look skinnier, well honestly i never had any issue with body weight . Well, yeah i almost eat anything without selecting the fat and carbo contains on it. , just call me a greedy whatever eater. But not only the dark color issue i try to show you this time, a sense of boho look mixed with the 90s drawstring canvas bag which also my favorite collection.

goldie knitwear top vintage finding//stretch long skirt by cotton on// creepers by OASAP // drawstring canvas bag by CHANEL

lately i've been searching for hobo bags to suit my outfits, and the only online boutique i trust by their so many selections of collection from hundreds of designer brands is SHOPBOP.COM . I can spend my time like hours browsing my favorite stuffs there. This time i browse for some hobo bags with fringe and also drawstring bag, guess what? yeap! there i found some beautiful stuffs. Can't wait to purchase them soon! :D


Monserat De Lucca

B-Low The Belt

Lauren Merkin

Marie Turnor

Simone Camille



If you are looking for your wishlist fashion items, i suggest you to visit SHOPBOP.COM , find what you love and happy shopping, lovelies!

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Monday, June 23, 2014


Shopping is an addiction in my personal opinion, and i feel extremely happy knowing one of the biggest retail store in Italy - PIAZZA ITALIA will be launched very soon in my town SURABAYA just a few days later. I can't wait to see their collections and buy some items from it. If you need to find more updates, place kindly follow PIAZZA ITALIA's twitter . I'll see you there in their opening store launch on June 27th.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

a day on the road

A day two outfit posts? yeah this is for real! i missed blogging like hell. so here i'm posting my other story on the blog. I shopped many black outfits lately, i feel bored with colors without reason. I was visiting Singapore back then to attend one of my fave musicgig there and started to post in the corner of the street.

Compiling black outfits with my fave pink neon Jansport backpack is the soonest idea crossing my mind.

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mesh black top by NEW LOOK// stitched faux leather skirt by ZARA TRF // NIKE sneakers// Jansport neon backpack// dark brown felt hat by SELFISH// rouge lipstick by YSL .

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“Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”
― Ann Demeulemeester