Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Month has changed, It's March everyone.. 18 days to go on my 26th birthday.March 27th whoopsie! . Growing after 25 years old means alot to me. But we'll talk about my last day of 25 y.o later on. lol.
Meanwhile i have to prepare myself to face more great challenges in life,this month will be quite a riot for me. There will be some great events on March, The Radio i'm working right now will have their 1st anniversary tomorrow and hold a party bash on 12nd March 2011. On March27th the band i've managed Hi mom! also celebrating their 4th years anniversary the same day with my birthday. Whatta grace for me. And also the global event "The Earth Hour", i plan to have an Eco-friendly acoustic small gig with no electricity involved.

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(thrifted turquoise checkers dress//esprit black knit bolero//chrysalis shocking pink pumps// custom bow headband// Mango belt//mom's black purse bag)

Talking of my outfit .. hmm i put something more girly this time. the turquoise checkers dress and shocking pink pump shoes. Why Not? =D .

Next week, i'm taking my annual working leave. I'll fly to BALI on 19th March for a vacation.Can't hardly wait for the day, i have packed the stuffs starting now. Yeayy!!. Bikinis, shortpants, light fabric dress, tie dye outfit, flip flop, floppy hat.. and lotsa more. I'll visit some great spots there with besties, sunbathing on the Beach, watching Sunset in reality nature, Souvenirs hunting, and Hang out with friends.

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( taken from my window seat last year Jakarta's flying trip)

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meeting some good friends!

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got my skin tanned on the BEACH.(image courtesy of-balionetransport- )

And when i'm back, I'll show you the joy. =))


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So dear.. enjoy your March!!

xx Kisses xx