Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shock to Moi eT toi

his shoots

whew.. i can't believe this scenester guy made a review bout me ..bout a month ago.. check his blog l'etat c'est moi

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the frequency i'm in!

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led zepp tee merch, malioboro bag, thrift printed legging, minnetonka fringe boots

I've just finished doing my dawn announcing..phew! got me tired! it was only three hours unconsciousness sleeping and doing my job. Tonight, one of the band i'm managed have their time to kick some asses on matchbox cafe. Check their music hi mom!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

somebody pissed me out last night!!

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i found someone pissed me out by ending the short message and try to bother my life..! we'll see till the moon light change me to the BEAST and eat him alive!!!!

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tell lennon i'm too gloom to hang out!

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purplicious blaser set by NOVO
belt by MNG

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when it comes to the pre sleeping photoshoot, i'm getting excited to try my new set of this purple outfit. I must admit, I hate PURPLE color.. it reminds me of being the eternal WIDOW..yeah..that so called urban legend! Facked! But, i'm in half consciousness of buying this set..later on i calm my self to be accepting this stuff..hhahhaa..I start to love this set!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Story from the Big City

Day I : meet the Gank!

from left to right: asyifa dyah mirani, me, balqis barbara, aurellia willy brilianti

Ouh gees.. i can't believe you finally sent me to this adorable friggin city " the capitol" JAK ART A! I was totally blind, out of nowhere. What should i do..whoever should i met, since the city totally freakin me out with those gigantic towers. But i do come with lotta missions here. On day one, meet this freakin awesome BITCHES. They got me tired of their so funnnnnnnn chaterring! i love them! we set our time to rendesvouz on Grand Indonesia. Fyi, we never met before, but we do have a great..great time just like an old pal!!! (networking site do work for us)

the outfit

(Banana Republic hat, Led Zeppelin tee merch, Zara black rolled pants, MNG white belt, uniqlo vest, minetinka fringe bootie)

day II: Fab Blogger Meet Up

from left to right: chekka cuomova,,stain on my red shoes,sour cherry

This is finally! fab bloggers rendesvouz. At first i feel nervous bout the day, coz i'll meet these outregous ladies. Can't believe we caught in serious conversation..hhaa..main topic : the "it girl". Hope i can meet you again darlings!!

this cute frame will help me to see broader world!

the outfit

Red and Black Combo

Hey ladies! :D Phew..! I can't believe i got a chance to run my blog again. Since the notebook can't be opened. :_(
I have mentinoed to you i will give you the red n black combo. Well i'm talking bout this FUN time baby with my besties LUCIOUZ. After nowhere to walk on dept store, We decided to look up twinnies outfit. Yeah, it's our luck to find this RED AND BLACK combo dress by DOROTHY PERKINS. I adore the simple lines of these simply dress. Looking kinda sweet girl inside on it. Enjoy ladies!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

see you on the next post baby! with the red and black combo!

good night ladies!..cheers wuith rrrriiieeddd bbbyyyulll!!hahahha

my head spinning! MNG on sale up to 50% in my town! by the time i ran out my bucks!

these are the lists that made my vertigo comes up! ;'(

FLAPPER FRINGE Is it possible to wear fringe in a way that's modern and not silly?

THIS IS THE FASHION TIPS STYLE FROM JIL SANDER bout flapper fringe trend you should read it folks!

There’s something hypnotic about clothes that move entirely on their own accord. It’s very wild, very free. And it’s very, very hard to get right. Enter one of spring’s most swooned-over trends, flapper fringe. Unlike it’s fellow sway-and-swing-while-you-move compatriots—the bohemian fringe, the feather, and the shaggy fur—flapper fringe conveys this movement in a spare, cool way, much like the whole flapper look itself. We like it best done in a modern, hard-edged way like Raf Simmons showed at Jil Sander for spring. Those draped fringe shifts looked less like dresses than they did Frank Lloyd Wright sketches—stitched up into glossy black cobweb and flung over models as they took off down the runway. The rule of thumb here is minimalism: when picking a fringed piece to wear, silhouette and shape must be graphic, straight, and entirely minimal. Avoid colors other than black, white, and gray. And, as a rule, fringe usually works best on dresses, skirts or really bare-cut camisoles. Put all that notice-me fringe on a pair of pants, or even a jacket, and you’ll look more like a vaudeville performer than the stylish showstopper you actually are.
(ELLE magz)

worth found! FENDISSIME kids leather and heavy boots!

Have ever wondering why Docmart boots are becoming hype again these time?
well..that might be caused by the style icon bring them up again to the fashion circle. I must say..the Docmart boots is the most fave in the year of 90's, since i was in elementary school. Most of my friends were caught Boots fever at that time. And sadly..my dad never bought me the boots. He said, "darling, you don't have to wear the same shoes as everybody wear..it makes you no different with them!" so..that the words always catch on my ears..till now.i am a selfish..i dont care!. Then the day has come for me to find these worthy found. I always feeling luck on every thrifting moment. Yeah..Please meet my Original FENDISSIME kids leather boots. Ouh Gosh! i can't believe it! the boutique place in the corner, no one would know they were hidden there..they got the sale..very perfect moment and perfect KIDS size..since my size feet is very small "35"..hmm i bought it on Favourite Boutique..sadly the didn't have the original box for this shoes..beacuse the retailer bought it from its country and left the box to reduce the shipping tax