Saturday, May 30, 2009

i love their smells on my body!

top 5 fave fragrance smells:

1. Ck one summer
2. FCUK for him
3. Benetton ESSENCE for him
4. Paradiso Pink by Benetton
5. 212 MEN by Caroline Herrera

my latest smells and bottled good recently:

Mac Cosmetics Grand Duos Collection

More mineralize blushes for us Diva’s!!
Can’t wait to test these Pretty Little Duos.

Mac Cosmetics Grand Duos Collection will include the following…
MSF Blush Duos - (LE) $22.50USD

* Moon River - Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink
* Love Rock - Gold violet mélange / Bright blue pink
* Grand Duo - Copper pink mélange / Plum
* Light over Dark - Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown
* Earth to Earth - Purple bronze mélange / Yellow brown
* Hot Planet - Copper yellow mélange / Mid-tone plum
* Intenso - Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown

shout out for your pride!

"Women complain about PMS, but I think of it as the only time of the month when I can be myself." - Rosseane Barr -

yess ladies it's my PMS day! let's Celebrate it! ;'(




balcony bacony!

may, is the longest month of my life. how i hate it because i ran out the money.. dont get me wrong baby..i'm not that rich the blend plastic glass is for free " IT'S NOT MY DRINK", the cup cake is the fake cake. turn on the lighter and continue the life! CONTINUE THE LIFE!

Renewal Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket of Urban Outfitters

How i found this renewal hooded leather jacket is the next wish list for me by urban oufitters

May 2009 Vogue Italia Heralds Editorial Comebacks of Irina

The colors pop in Miles Aldridge’s recent editorials for Italian and Chinese Vogue. However, Irina Lazareanu still manages to keep the attention on her with an edgy and doll-like appeal.

the comeback of the GODDESS!

Irina Lazareanu shot by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia's May 09 issue.

most fave pic below:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

share these earthy and nature bliss!



for all my lifetime.. i always wondering ho does it feels to live above the green grass and below the blue sky. homeless. naked. free. joyful. and most of all PEACE!

This is on nowhere land..i could only find it when i sleep and start to format my dream and captured myself or maybe trapped inside it.

EMILIO PUCCI shoe fetish!

I truly in love with most shoes design of EMILIO PUCCI, Now ladies come take a peek of these stunning heels.

the one i want..i tried on the store.It's so fit on me but the price...ouh nooo!

what about this???..hmm too high..i think!

surely i want this to be my rain boots!

this is true blue..

and these rest are stunning colors!!!



this sparkling turquoise stud! STUNNING!


Ouh, can't believe saturday nite coming towards in front of me! Should tell you guys I HATE SATURDAY NITE. I always speechless when the day started. I spent 4 hours in my studio..announcing or maybe working..yeay..working on sat nite is suck!!

Hey, let me introduce my new collection of turquoise studded jacket. I know girls, You might hate and envy me..for this very lucky finding..! since i adore the colour, the jacket got the most gorgeous stud ever for me! Found it 3 weeks ago, but i just not feel brave to wear it in front of public..heheh...i'm afraid someone will steal it from me..! whoohaa.. too much protection for this treasure is A MUST, baby!!

now, watch it carefully the star stud...hmm!! you'll amazed!




Thursday, May 14, 2009


(US DOMESTIC MAGAZINES OUT EXCEPT FOR CALIFORNIA REGIONAL MAGAZINES) Model Irina Lazareanu walks the runway during the 2007/8 Chanel Cruise Show Presented By Karl Lagerfeld held at Hangar 8 on May 18, 2007 in Santa Monica, California

AS ALWAYS..She's the GODDESS ..she inspired!

faded denim jacket by JORDACHE
khaki pants by EIGEN
mochasin suede

die young on the desert of resistance!

Die Die DIe


Kiss the wind and make out with stranger, that's the most filthy thing in yer life. you told everyone is not a sin. I know yeben hiding behind my back and keeping all nigh under your skin. well baby it's not enaough to mend our broken love to the one who stabbed us behind. Spell the words then come with he evil fairies to fly to the unknown and forbidden island.



Tuesday, May 05, 2009

-repost quote- my biatch caroline is a genius gal!

It's a pity when you have the money but you don't have great style and taste of things.
It's better if the money goes to me. *wink*
- Caroline Robianto -

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Next up bud: Fallin' down from grace!


There will be more and more amusing scenes you will find next!!