Thursday, October 29, 2015


We are what we are stand for
Through all the memories and happy thoughts
Laughter and stories we shared
The longest day of happiness
When we are all together
Distance is just a dot
Nothing really matters

They say they will catch me when i fall
They say nothing will break this bond
They say we will be forever hand in hand
The say nothing can break us

Today the days passed. Changed
They were no longer the same
They created their own hive
Them far
I am no longer their kind

Thank you for the joy
Thank you for the stories so far
Thank you for the lesson

Today i'm taking my leap
Today i'll stand my own feet
Today i'll walk a different step
Today the trust is gone

I would be still smiling when the day starts
Finding new chapter of new beginning
Let memories be memories
Let moments be the moments
All the things we wouldn't be erased.

a soundtrack of the day, check the video below by Jhene Aiko - Eternal Sunshine

A thought by the end of month 10th.
Photos taken in many corners, and small roads i forgot the name. Singapore.
Thanks Amp