Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's BITCHIN' time! next on!

next stop! i'll give y'all bitchin time! next post!kick some asses!rrraaww..!

Meet my new bitch! RATU LEBAH! vote for her on queenbeehunt!

Caroline Robianto
She made it to the Top 100!! don't forget to vote :)

comment her pic here
No you boys never care
Oh no you boys'll never care
No you boys never care
How the girl feels
No you boys never care
You dirty boys'll never care
No you boys never care
How the girl feels
-no you girls/ franzferdinand-
(that's the words she's humming every second)

This is the printscreen i took from her blog Sour Cherry

Now all i have to do is waiting for the annual day-off aplication to be aproved the BOSS! i'll see her and have lots of fun there in her TOWN! visit the capitol! woohooo!! hope to see her soon!! so peep, dont forget to support her on Queenbeehunt selection!comment her video



-step 1-

-step 2-

-step 3-

-step end-
Ladies, I told you to DRESS well..not to ashame yer self!


After two days waiting for the bitches giving the confirmation to fulfill my invitation.. a busy Saturday afternoon makes my head dizzy. A new program was given to me for the RRI PRO 2 FM FUNPLUGGED.
4 p.m.. i was catching up for the "wash and hair blow" ..hmm..lucy didn't came up yet!
5.30 pm like a turbo wash lucy brought me to the blind area

6.45 pm/ Tunjungan Plaza IV / SUSHI TEI


It's time to Blow The Candle of Green Tea CUPCAKE and made TWENTY FOUR Birthday wishes

Please meet Shaula Alnilam Setianegara my #1 halflife. she gave me the SWEETEST KISS i've ever HAD! lovely! Love you so damn MUCH dek!

The Bitches minus one (from left to right: Lucy, Me, Shaula and Paramitha)

she's the "minus one" meet Rachmadyan the Queen of BURGERMAN ( jl. Bawean 28, Sby)

THE MADNESS..let's start the Dinner! Fyi, that was the half of the "tonight sushi menus" I ordered for more than ten PLATES...hahahhaha..!

note: the affect of eating too much Black CAVIAR SUSHI and friends..will cause a MENTAL DEGRADATION, Like mine

please visit

It's so honoured of being reviewed by The SFC


If you're feelin' suspicious of what they had done to me...come and see their latest post! (bunch of thanks to the girls of SFC)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally Listed!

Independent Fashion Bloggers/

Independent Fashion Bloggers/

finally get the BADGE..! unfortunately i lost my first confirmation link to the IFB on february..that's why i can't get the badge! Visit independentfashionbloggers

but right on..i get revenge..! i'm listed to the IFB

I'll LET you KNOW..what i got from my bitchday celebration!

Gift ..Gift..Gift..I love GIFTS....!!!!! Thank's to my GIRLS..! GREATTT STUFFS!!

next on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

self respect..GREET YER SELF with BIRTHDAY gift!

Perfect Birthdaypoemsource

Birthday Blessings
Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

By Joanna Fuchs

Card Pictures, Images and Photos

I wish i could respect my self more than this. I knew my soul and body have worked definetely work in hard all the years, finding the life's test made by GOD..

cupcake Pictures, Images and Photos

On this 24th years of living..i would pray all good things ..all good health for all my family, fellas and myself..We still have a LONG..LONG STRUGGLING to goooo!!!!!!!!!! Happy Bertday LAURETHA!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NEW HEART item Hoodtosc!


an evening shot of my son's gig POLKA POLIZEI. I just got this new baby TOSCA HOODIE. I love the color..i love to wear it...i love my look on IT. So darn HOTTIE! Though the hot weather not so suitable with my bod's temperature, i love to play with weather!

1 Tosca Hoodie in Thrifted
2. Tosca Tee by ZARA basic
3. Pale pants by american eagle outfitters
4. Brown suede boot in Dr. Martens


is this stripe hype?


Let say..i don't really like to purcahse the stripes black and white long sleeve tee. It makes me look so ITALIANO . Yeah..i'm a PIZZA Maker! ouh lala..
But wait up! i must confess this BnW long sleeve is my new love. Yesterday i bought once more with smaller lines. collection i think..before the common peep also buy the same items and so darn to see..! blaaahhh.. see below, even NICOLE RICHIE wear the same item like mine!ouh geez..ouh to BURN it after this..!


dakota johnson alike!


Since Dakota Johnson became a TRUE BLUE MANGO campaign for S/S'09 catalouge. That's the time i fell in love with her. She's just got the charisma of her mother Melanie Griffith. She wore this similar outfit style in LIQUID, then i search my closet and found this items.This is also shown in my new looks in mylookbook

1. white blazer by THEME
2. grey tank by ZARA basic
3. cropped pants by GIORDANO
4. flower wedges by NINA shoes USA, sole effect
5. statement necklace by Malioboro sidewalk market, jogja

Monday, March 23, 2009

I heart my NEW MANGO catalouge

Dakota Johnson has been chosen to represent Mango’s spring/summer ‘09 campaign.
The daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson will model together with Julia Restoin-Roitfeld for Mango’s MNG rock luxurious denim collection in the new catalogue.

Dakota’s popularity grows day by day. We have already seen her on the cover of Vogue and now she is signed to a leading modelling agency.

Julia worked successfully with the high-street fashion chain Accessorize being the face of the store.

It is reported also that Penelope and Monica Cruz are due to launch their new collection for the store later this year.

Friday, March 20, 2009

kick some ashes! i lost my FD


gees..i hate today! where i lost my multifunction beneficial flashdisc! i'm searching every corner i've stepped. I never thought i would get thisKARMA..hehe..once i found an FD in i lost my brand new FD with great contain on it! ouh..Darn! all my files and new edited pics for lookbook account and my blog ARE DISSAPEAR! darn..darn..darn!! now i would like to kick some ASS*s. I felt so pissed out! it's not because of the price of the FD, i can buy it five more if i want to..but it's all because the CONTAINs!!arrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!! darn!

kick ass!!!!!

I'm dying for them!

As seen in the March issue of Elle Magazine the stunningly sexy Jenicca is a must have item for spring. Gladiator sandal with ankle strap on 4" heel.

Already a diva favorite, this ripe and playful platform will garner lots of compliments! This style has a platform sole, crisscross detail, wood heel and an adjustable buckle closure. Have fun with the rainbow multi color style and look for surprising pops of fuchsia and purple when you least expect it! Colors will vary by pair. No two are alike!

OMG, can i get those very stunning babies for me???

Thursday, March 19, 2009

anyone got coins?

Feeling so broke, no money left and left aside the street, NO PULSE. Got any coins? i want to tell my mum, my lover and friends to pick up ! coins..coins..coins..on this public facility. No one needs him nowadays, the already got the selullarphones.. the fancy one, the most expensive pne or the most updated gadget on earth.N ope, i don't have the ability to deal with that. Just keep up the simply way of life! hah! yeah, simply no money! lol.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

cover up the mist!


here she is! came out after the mist! hey it's only me..don't be afraid kiddo!
it's the sidewalk nearby my office, the radio station of RRI Surabaya. thx for lucy..(again) for captured this. Thank's cong! It was a few second before we leave the city and having lots of fun outtown for 3 days. Whatta wonderful busy day holiday it was.


Talking about my hometown, Surabaya, you should know the most well known river in the city that covers up east java. And i took a pict right here above the river. As VOX sings SURABAYA #1, I would like to sing it too.hhehe..! Check them out here