Sunday, September 20, 2015


Whoopsie hoopsie!! the missing gal is back on blogesphere! Life is on repeat and rapid speed lately. Been super busy with works and some previous projects has been passed, but now i'm trying to put my ass back on writing and blog posting again. So guys, me and some friends just did a small photo shoot months ago and actually we didn't really think about what's the theme should be done on this. Then i sudeenly came up with this mix pattern outfit, combining POLKADOTS and ZEBRA PRINTED faux fur jacket created such a random but fun feeling on me. I grabbed them and TOOK the poses and I JUST LOVEEEEE THE RESULT. 

Well speaking of wearing any outfits and how to combine them, as you knew it really these recent days the most people are wearing a simple monotone one or two layers called minimalism. This time i just need to let my self go bit wilder with dots and zebra stripes on my top, and magenta touch for my moodboost backdrop. The way you present your outfit is as easy as people seen you in real life. I'm a type of person who dare to wear "the unusual" for usual daily life, so if you one of them..go let yourself out and don't be shy to show who you really are.
So people, enjoy the MAGENTALISM !
Huge thanks for Denantyo for taking all these photos.

outfit deets: Hat by MNG // Zebra Stripes Faux Fur Jacket by h&m // Polkadots inner top bought in Bugis Junction SG// black boots with chain by forever21 // Black skinnies by Zara TRF