Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Achieve a Blinding Shine for Your Shoes

Good looking shoes are an essential part of a great outfit, but this means that the shoes need to be shiny and polished if they are to look their best. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing expensive designer loafers if they are stained and muddy; you aren’t going to impress anyone with them. That is why you need to look after your shoes and ensure that they are buffed and ready to go at all times. Here are a few methods which will help you achieve that glimmering shine.

1. Get the right supplies

In order to shine your shoes properly, you will need various products. Essentials that you cannot do without include shoe polish, a soft cloth and a shoe brush. You can get these along with other products either separately or as part of a shoe shining kit. Make sure the color of the polish matches your shoes and select carefully between wax and cream polish. Ideally, you could get one of both and alternate between using them

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2. Arrange a polishing area

Shoe polish is notoriously difficult to remove so you want to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary stains. Select a place to do the work and lay down newspapers everywhere.

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3. Start shining

The actual process is not that difficult. First take the shoe apply and polish a layer on the shoe using a brush or an old piece of cloth. The toe and heel might need extra polish. Repeat with the other shoe then let them dry for 15 minutes. After this take the brush and remove any excess polish. Be thorough. The last step is to take a clean piece of cloth and buff the shoes until they are nice and shiny.

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Friday, October 11, 2013


Blogging seems to be the hardest part lately. Stuck in the same full schedules for double trouble works, but it still good to know am able to write things here again. This is my latest favey skirt made of faux leather by Zara, i love the details with unstructured stitches on it. Unfortunately cant be seen it here on pics. Weeks ago i ruined one of my faux leather pants collection, frustated me somehow. I need more tutorial to keep my faux leather collection anyway.

This outfit which i wore before NET TV broadcaster open casting, i was idealess to find what to wear.. And here i was picking a skirt and shirt and blazer with a clutch. The casting went well, and still waiting for the result. At least i tried my best to be in front of camera and doing program presenting.

Blazer Miss K- Fuschia Floral Shirt by Novo - Faux leather skirt by Zara Woman - White leather wedges by Charles n Keith - Croco clutch by MNG

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