This lady started her blog on February 2009 when all the boredom fit in her life. She came up with a thought of something has to be started and shared the world. Inspired from the blog walking and viewing great posts of Sally Jane Vintage, it's a perfect time to make the first post. I named the blog "Myrrh Goldframe" suddenly coming across my head when i shopped myrrh potpourri scent, and it got stuck in my head. Unique scent. Like no scent i ever taste before, goldframe i named after my all time fave Electronica Music Goddess Goldfrapp.
I wrote feelings, fave things, desires, traveling stories, my favourite fashion taste, packed in photographs.

I've been working and living in music and medias scene. I work daily for twelve hours a day, as an English Tutor and a Radio DJ for the evening show. Can you imagine how hectic my life is?. But i coloured life being such a bands manager of Hi Mom!, a voice manipulator of Experimental Electronica trio "Kimpoy Stereo", a vocalist of girls Garage Heavy Rock band "Suster Clinic". I love music, I love fashion, I love the life which so dynamic.


-Lauretha Sudjono aka LSD -