Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Story from the Big City

Day I : meet the Gank!

from left to right: asyifa dyah mirani, me, balqis barbara, aurellia willy brilianti

Ouh gees.. i can't believe you finally sent me to this adorable friggin city " the capitol" JAK ART A! I was totally blind, out of nowhere. What should i do..whoever should i met, since the city totally freakin me out with those gigantic towers. But i do come with lotta missions here. On day one, meet this freakin awesome BITCHES. They got me tired of their so funnnnnnnn chaterring! i love them! we set our time to rendesvouz on Grand Indonesia. Fyi, we never met before, but we do have a great..great time just like an old pal!!! (networking site do work for us)

the outfit

(Banana Republic hat, Led Zeppelin tee merch, Zara black rolled pants, MNG white belt, uniqlo vest, minetinka fringe bootie)

day II: Fab Blogger Meet Up

from left to right: chekka cuomova,,stain on my red shoes,sour cherry

This is finally! fab bloggers rendesvouz. At first i feel nervous bout the day, coz i'll meet these outregous ladies. Can't believe we caught in serious conversation..hhaa..main topic : the "it girl". Hope i can meet you again darlings!!

this cute frame will help me to see broader world!

the outfit


Shila Ghaisani said...

I like your tee!

Eleh said...

your take on fashion is wicked! i love it!! and those are such rocking friends you have there!

ps. ive linked you :)

DiamondHurts said...

awww...., led zeppelin!! love it!! love the band too...
also love your combination of pink, balck n white, cute and cooolllllll :) suka suka suka :D

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

such a doll you are, sweetheart! it was so much fun hanging out with you! let's meet up again when i visit my mom in your city!

myrrh goldframe said...

@ shila: thx dear!

@ eleh: surely they're great baby!

@ cindy diamond : me love led zepp too!!! so muchh!

@ stain darling: yerp..i'm goin to meet you by then.... :D