Friday, October 30, 2009


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It's been Saturday.. oh what a day! Finally, post again. I'd like to say thank you for waiting lovelies. I must admit it's been a RIOT WEEK for me. Been thru lotta conflicts at my working place, i faced several scums and backstabbers. I know it's a common thing to find such thing in workplace: People who always ENVY when we got a better credits from our Boss. I'm doing very Okay, because I WON'T SPEND MY TIME DEALING WITH SMALL MINDED PEOPLE.

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October is also A HARD MONTH! keep crossing my finger till early month to pay the bill. Husshh! But i choose to smile and living live ordinary indeed Riot. I love my life!

Let's Wipe Away the Sweats and Enjoy my STREET SESSION, shall we!

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This below photo is captured under the Flyover bridge (another Challenging spot 'eh? )
I love it.. tho' i scared to death thinkin' someone or a vehicle will crash me down here. Big laugh!

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Thrifted cropped DIY t's| Perme Ripped jeans (fave!)|Pink studded belt| Fendisime Kids Boots| Montana cropped black blazer|Dorothy Perkins gold bangle|Fitwl leather bag|

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photos by Fitter Happier
edited by me
routes Starbucks - Surabaya Government building - City's Flyover Bridge - Bamboo Runcing sidewalks

Have a great weekend,Ladies!


Marla Singer said...

baby i miss you! and i'm so broke too and i have many bills to pay next month either! doh!! let me steal your jeans! although i'd wear it just on my knee. bwakakakakakaka.

beckyxoxo said...

aww i agree with you ! i think we just have to ignore people like that :) oh you look so great in those jeans ! love it !

Maja said...

great outfit. very interesting blog :)

hafiz akhbar said...

arrr arrr i didn't know what i have to say anymore, you always look cool big sis !!! miss yaa so mucnho !!!

myrrh goldframe said...

@marla baby: we'r so poor 'eh? hahaha. never mind. next month we should rob some banks! your knee?? im laughing hard! =DDD

@becky: Yess. I'm igoring them right now. No use. Thank you for supporting me dear.

@Maja: Thank's for coming Maja. <33

@kiddo: I missed ya too kiddo.Hey.. that's too much. stop making me Big Headed y'kno! hahha. smoochies.


Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) Have a nice weekend, yeah! And by the way, nice post yay! Come check Chanel and Rodarte, hope uou enjoy it.


lilylove said...

I really like your style ♥


Hardini said...

nyuhuu ka always coolo!!

Valencia Lia said...

Girl !! Hope everything is going to be much better for you:)

I'm broke toooo. Can't wait for my paycheck to come really sooon <3

And adore your shredded jeans and the crop top tooo ! Gorgeous jacket.

And whatever happens at work. Just so long you do your part,ignore the rest!

Alita Claudia said...

nice jeans! anyway, i love your photos!

Julls said...

love the photos :D and you know..haters everywhere..


Ashley said...

Love the first couple photos..lots of mood. Great jeans!

daisychain said...

woah the second picture is intense. love it.


Hi, hope you have had a nice weekend! Thanks for the comment, there is more Chanel on my blog...a different one than we're used to.... ;)


yiqin; said...

Looking very chic in stripes :)

myrrh goldframe said...

@Maison Chaplin: sure. i've checked your blog and commented them.

@lilylove: ahaaa! thank you ,love!

@harsu: smooochies for you.

@Valencia dear:we're the broken couple yayy! =/
=D thank you for the huge support. need it now! =p

@alita queen: thank's a bunch, baby.

@julls: yeahh. we knew.. all backstabbers outhere! <333

Becca. said...

lovely your stripey top and shoes, you look great!
lovely blog :)

michelle_ said...

thanks for your sweet comment dear :)
made me smile during my tough last few weeks of the school semester :D

im glad you liked my blog posts :D
and dont worry, you can deal with all those bills . My only tip is to call the credit card company and give a limit so wont spend an extra dime . haha..

and yes those people at your work better be ignored .

did i mention that ur outfit is superbb ?? the pink belt, ripped jeans, and doc marts is beyond good .

hope you'll keep visitng my blog :D
mind to follow it ? hehe

thalialouise said...

i LOVE thoose jeans they look really good on you ! amazing :)

daisychain said...

the lipbalm does taste spicy! it's divine.
I shall add you to my blogroll too =)

fhen said...

looking so fabulous in stripes and i do lovee your jeans!

Ivania said...

I wish I could look that good during a hangover

great shoes btw!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i would wear this outfit everyday!!!
you look so amazing!!!


Katie said...

awesome jeans!

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PUNKIE said...

this jeans are heaven! like the color touch given by this fluo pink studded belt! perfect!

Anonymous said...

wow ! love the belt!!

E said...

Those distressed jeans are so fabulous. Loving those lace-up boots, too.

Anonymous said...

lol! thats what u get for waking up in vegas!! @ u being hungover and u look rad!

Tink in My Closet said...

Killer jeans. Love the touch of pink too. I'm jealous of how freaking cool you always look!!

michellehendra said...

you look super gorgeous! me too! i've been dealing with so many temptations! i really am in the mood to shop.. but i gotta stop before i run out of money. LMAO..


Anonymous said...

Great pictures !! I love your jeans :)

VersaStyle said...

the pictures are awesome.. the jeans are even better.. and screw everyone else.

FashionJazz said...

I agree with u babe!!! I have something for you on my latest post : ) Luv ur outfit btw XX

syl said...

Thank you for yuor comments;)
I love your jeans!

kisses +++

Valeriesoh said...

babe stay strong, tell the haters to back the fucccccccccccck out.

love you, Val

cocorosa said...

love these photos, and yeah I soooooo know what you mean with the work place!!!!!!!! :)



The dress is awesome!
Come to see a video of Jimmy Choo for H&M and Philippe Starck interiors ;)


Sabila Anata said...

i soo love your pics :) who takes the pics and edites them ?? sooo soo coool !

Fashion Pix said...

You've got great style, I love the jeans!

It said...

You look like the only fashionable beggar sitting there on side walk

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laxcarrental said...

You seem so frustrated.

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