Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seriously ill

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oops.. been a week! time to stalk my blog again!

Oh.. hello there, dears! I missed the whole thing of being a singular person lately, when someone you love told you that he bored with you or looking for crappy reason to leave you on kinda shitty situation. Hell with that! That's what i called SERIOUSLY ILL of a man disease!
These trial of life pushes me to struggle the ocean. I'm doing okay, ladies. Since i never called L.O.V.E thingy is a serious thing in my life. =D. Have Fun ladies, for being an independent human!
Love you all!

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Cut out Clef De Sol Stripe t's| Paris Sport Club Authentic jeans vest | Perme ripped jeans | unbranded pink studded belt| Red wings boots | Fitwl leather bag|

at least i still got a Good News =D

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I've been tagged to Go Girl! web Fashion Tag of the week contest. Go girl! choosed three nominees for every week contestants.. twelve contestants for every month will be choosed for the best Fashion tag of the month. Hope i Could win this time, since my baby Marla Singer of Versicle luckily being The August winner of the contest! Maybe you could also try your luck to submit your look (for Indonesian reader) to go girl! web.

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Hey.. you could also join Go Girl FB page
and give me your thumb or comment me for the tag here. Great thank's for the support so far. I love you all. <33

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sadly ... ='( I MISSED my HOLY INSANERS so much ! I wish i could visit them soon. *wish


Valencia Lia said...

Hey gorgeous !!

I'm so sorry to hear about this. Hope you're feeling better and rant all you want to me if you ever need to. I'm here for you girl <3

And if the guy is not a good one,just don't bother about him. Single life is good tooooo .

I'm in a relationship now and really happy but sometimes singlehood is good tooo <3

Really love your vest with that striped tee. I really can't wait for us to all meet up !!

Natalie said...

I loovve ur outfit! the vest and boots are so cute!! u look so cool as always :)



michellehendra said...

congratulations hunyyyyy :) that's huge.. i love your phtoosssss.. :)

pas banget kok.. aku balik ke jakarta emang pas february :) i'm in melbourne right now.. eheheh.. bisa ketemuan bareng sama carol and lidwina jugaaa kalo gitu :)) and many many lagii kalo ada..

can't wait babe :)


PUNKIE said...

this boots are so gorgeous! you have always a grunge touch that I adore!

Valeriesoh said...

Hey darling,

forget about a guy who cannot appreciate you for how freaking cool you are... then forget him. worst , forget his name and be like "who are you" the next time you see him.... ahahhahaha..

Trust me, being single is shit hot, really easy breezy and cool, you can do anytihng you want. pick your nose... spit...

loveyou, val

Hardini said...

wah congrats ya ka. sumpah always look amazing lo ka haha

adecco. said...

I feel you girl. I’ve been through all that crap.

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top said...

You go gurl! You’ll get over of it pretty soon than you know it.

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Barbro Andersen said...

You look gorgeous in that striped tee! Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, wow, thank you, sweetie!! That means the world to me <3

Eva Silviana said...

I love your shoes! So cool! By the way congrats you are the one who's chosen for the gogirl web fasion tag on the week :))

Anonymous said...

congratulation babyyy :D
and good luck for fashion tag :)
yeahhh, wth with stupid guy, i'm sure you can find another one, a better for sure :)

phresh produce said...

such a cute outfit! you rock!!! i put you on my blogroll too!!

Damsels said...

it definitely sounds complicated but i love your outlook on it ... iwish i could say that love is not a big thing for me but you are so right there are other things in life .. its best not to give 100 percent of yourself to a relationship .. guys can be fickle

Marla Singer said...

i miss youuuuuuuu! =/
congrats for being fashion tag of the week, baby! hope you'll be fashion tag of the month and get the yummy voucher. hahaha.
btw, forget the dummy. you deserve a much better guy, eh? <33


Hello mon cherie, a kiss on you!
Come back, keep following me ;)

"A woman's not going to buy a little skirt for a lot of money if it's not for seduction. What else are clothes made for?" - Azzedine Alaïa

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

u-ung said...

ended the relationship??ouchh I'm so sorry,dear..hope u can go though it strong..there are still many good guys outside. just enjoy your time with friends as much as you can!!hehehhehe

June Paski said...

hiii love!
miss read your blog soo much

I love ur outfits, you always amaze me with ur style

good luck for fashion tag of the week, smoga dpt of the month, lumanya voucherny :p


daisychain said...

I love your outfit,
congrats on the feature!

C'est Laura said...

thanks for your comment and congrats with your tag!
Your outfit is very cool and i love the first picture!! xo

myrrh goldframe said...

all these comments truly made my day. you guys givin me the spirit to go on. thank you all, love! <33333333

Anonymous said...

great outfit!
love your top <3! ^^

SUGAR said...

wooo congrats on the tag, you lucky thing ;)

men are dumb anyways, sometimes i wish we could date like in playgroup - a different boyfriend every day and no pressure to settle down ;)


UnoCosa said...

girlie ... i was scared when i saw your title - i was like 'noooo..... " - well, then i see what you meant! you are strong girl - i knew it! boys-stuff simply comes and goes until you meet the right mate! it's super important to have good GF around for those ill time - and yes, cheers for all the independence :D, love you and stay strong - and big thumb-up for your feature .... xx

thischicksgotstyle said...

You are truely stunning!

F i K a said...

Rethaaa..congrats for the fashion tag of the week!! I do really hope you can win the fashion tag of the month :D..

about your relationship, I'm sure you are a tough girl and there's a good guy waiting you out there :)

kapan kamu ke jakartaaa??jgn ke jogja mlulu :p..hihihi..klo perlu ajak thika&depoy ke jakarta biar kita bisa bikin blogger meet up yg rameeee bgt..pst seru tuh :D..hehehe

VersaStyle said...

congrats! how awesome! always looking good..

Claradevi said...

Sweetheart, you shouldn't have to be sick for this - you're waaay to strong and tough to defeat, and we all know how fool that guy for not treating you well!

I'll be there when you need anything to share with, you're far from alone :) Remember single is awesome too when you can deal with your perspective!

Your rockin look make me wanna pull off my dress and wear the vest you once gave me. Love you ahterual! <3

emma wallace said...

Aww! Heartbreaks are the worst. :o( Hope you feel better soon!

And congratulations on your award! How exciting!


Alita Claudia said...

love every photos in this post .. and congratulations for being gogirl's look of the week ! you're gorgeous !

t a l i s h a said...

l love the vest and the bag.. and you're a great poser, you know that? yes hoepfully you'll win okay..

Sher said...

I really love the vest outfit and the boots! Your poses are so cool too!!

Sucks to hear you're having problems with this guy! If things don't work out, I'm sure there's someone better out there for you!! In the meantime, being single is not that bad, enjoy your FREEDOM haha:P

beckyxoxo said...

amazing outfit as always ! :D ahh i love your photos . beautiful . and hope you're feeling better :) have a nice weekend !

Shirley Wijaya said...

really nice outfit, love it!

mom & son said...

hi, how are you?
sorry for not visiting you for a while.
i'm back from the trip and glad to see you here again.

all your outfit is so chic! you made an amazing poses here. i love it! those ripped jeans are fabulous.

good luck on the contest.

phresh-produce said...

so cute are you guys!!! ive changed my address...www.its-phresh-produce.blogspot.com
xoxo aja

princesspolitico said...

sorry to hear you're having troubles - hope it all works out soon and for the best :)

on another note, i really love your blog - your style is SICK and your boots are too cute!


Videos by Professor Howdy said...

Interesting Blog!
Hope you are doing well!

Valeriesoh said...

hey babe!!! hope you are feeeling better!

fuck that boy !!

thanks for saying I am your muse... super flatterng!!

hows your weekend?

love, val

amalie said...

you're cute, love the outfit.
and love the holy insaners pictures! awesome.

Karolina Joanna said...

I looove your bag! ;)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

love your boots so much! and men are just so much trouble, sometimes they make me feel seriously ill as well! xo

SAUVAGE said...

cute outfit, & I love the last set of photos!


Little Bo Peeep said...

It's alright, that kind of guy is not worth it. I'm sure you will move on at some point and maybe find a better guy who deserves you, totally!

Congrats on the GoGirl thing! It really is something. You are so one of a kind <3

Tink in My Closet said...

Any male who doesn't want to wrap himself up in your company is a fool:) Your gorgeous and so far from boring!!

Stripes= killer amazing!!

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Ohhh on the photos !! I edited it on rollip.com go check it out,an awesome site to have fun with your photos:)

And girl,I do hope you're feeling much better now. Always keep smiling yea!

lots lots of love from me to you tooo <3 big hugssss

FashionJazz said...

Hello sweetness! Hope u feel better soon my hun!! U look stunning here!! : ) xx

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

youre amazing!

Yofany said...

i already vote on gogirl, anyway i'myofany and do you mind to ex link?

Sabila Anata said...

once again i love the pics badly :)) and congrats too on being fashion tag of the week !


You look so sexy and lovely!
cool girl!

Nana said...

love your outfit^^
and congrads!

Jasmine said...

Love your boots, really nice outfit :) and nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

oh!I Love your first outfit!!
kiss, Lu!

lilylove said...

Hey you :)
Love the style and the attitude ♡

sahara. said...

Gorgeous outfit at the beginning ♥
great post.

Sahara xo.

t a l i s h a said...

you got tagged.. check out my blog please :)

Valeriesoh said...

hey darling,

where are you??

I miss you dearly!!


myrrh goldframe said...

I missed visiting my own blog. <3333333333. Thank's for dropping by lovelies. I'll be back posting tomorrow!

@talisha: i'll check it my dear! thank you. smoochies.

Anonymous said...

wow the bag is amazing!
love the outfit

mom & son said...

just swinging by to say hello
and checking out if you have a new post.

have a nice afternoon!