Friday, June 18, 2010

Chorale Lick

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Boo! hey.. thank God i'm still here at the bloggersphere after the unknown hiatus and laziness. Life's is truly getting me mad these days. All the busy stuffs, new music project for my upcoming Electronic Experimental Trio "Kimpoy Stereo". I'm making the E.P album on August 2010, hopefully. Wish me a bloody luck, lovelies. I'm so exited to do this. =D

As soon i realize that i have to cut my bangs actually! They're annoying my eyes. Thinking of getting a new eccentric haircut. But which one i should have?

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*Zara b/w shirt
*Vest - Vintage
*MNG Red rolled pants
*unbranded red bag
*F21 brown leather belt
*Hush Puppies mochasin

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Okay, girls, I gotta go now! I'll visit yours as soon and spread my love for y'all. =D



huh, you only said goodbye to girls? and not me? ckck
I love the vest and the floral thingie? super LOVE!!


PUNKIE said...

this boy-ish look is great!

WildFlower said...

Awesome look, I love the colours! So nice, I am loving colour at the moment, you have done it so well. Digging your shoes too, add a dapper touch to your outfit. Nice one! x

Anonymous said...

gluck for your project rethaaa :D
try to keep your bangs longer maybe?

Marla Singer said...

wohooooo love your fierce reddish outfit, baby! grow the bangs, then <3

ps. kamu kemaren sms ya beb? akyu tak ada pulsa =/

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

great boy-ish looks :) love the bow tie and the pants!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

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Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

your vest is super cute!!:)
and i'm in love with your belt too


Julls said...

Ahh,all this fuscia,I love !

Julls said...

Atikah Amalia said...

awesome outfit!
Your blog is really cute and inspiring.
wanna exchange link and follow each other? :D


VersaStyle said...

the pink pants are so rad...
love the new banner!

Becks said...

Love the wacky styling!


Meho M said...

LOVE this outfit.. those pants are so fab!

Meho xx

fhen said...

such a lovely outfit!
good luck for your upcoming project
all the best to you dear!


valonia irene said...

really love your vest :3
and oh your pants! i love the colour

Josephine said...

awww, you're great! love the vest and the bow. maybe i would wera some other bag but it's ok. <3

stop whispering

Hardini said...

hey ka loreth, hope you can come back to jakarta. *kiss


great waistcoat