Tuesday, September 07, 2010

B.I.G D.A.Y || B.I.G.T.H.I.N.G

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Psssttttt...!! Wait, I'd like to tell something ..

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BIGDAY is coming in two days more!!!!!!

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Yayyyyy! It's EID-EL FITR day 2010 Celebration. THE VICTORY DAY for Moslem like me who has fulfilled the Ramadhan fasting ritual in this whole month. Can't believe the day has come too soon. =D . But this year celebration, i don't do any "Mudik holiday Tradition" because i have to back to work on Monday when everyone got their LONG HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!! *SIGH .

But that's still OK for me coz' i celebrated it with family in town. And as i could predict, the city will dead in silence. Most of the townsfolk are leaving town!! hurrah! My crowded city Surabaya will be as quiet as can be. =)

By this greatest holy moment of EID-EL FITR, let's celebrate with peace and warm. Happy Eid-El Fitr for all who celebrate.

Happy Holiday to you who live in Indonesia! I'll be on my mid Java traveling schedule on Sept 17-19. whoaaa!!


One More Big Thing !!!!

I was Featured in Go Girl! magz Sept issue!

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This Indonesian Coolest Girls Teen Magazine has been so kind to me. They make me to be one of their Go Girl! Magazine FINALIST FASHION TAG OF THE YEAR. Huge Yayyyyness! I become their finalist along with some other stunning bloggers The Versicle and also Glisters and Blisters , and others.

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"Go Girl! Fashion Tag"
images source courtesy (here).

See You Soon,loves!!



Ario Achda said...

happy idul fitri and hapy holidaaaay!!!!

Edwina said...

same as me. i can't enjoy this holiday because i got to back to work on Tuesday. :(

by the way, Happy Eid Fitri!! May good things accompany us along the year. :)

Flickering Moonlight


retha retha!
omg! happy lebaran tante!
minal aidin walfaizin

iih gue juga sama nih! holidaynya sampe senin aja!
aku da baca tuh fashion tag and you kerja keras abis tante!
thumbs up!


♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ said...

thank's for comin my blog. happy holiday!!!!

@gilbert: kisses!!!! thank you,kiddo!

Sonia Eryka Moe said...

hii, im one of the finalists too! visiting your blog, supernice style! ;)

Sonia Eryka

t a l i s h a said...

hv a nice vacation ! and the headpiece is so lovely on you :3


Miy said...

Supercool fashion tag, darla..and happy Ied.. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin yaaaa...

Hug and kisses,
The Picnic Girl

michellehendra said...

cute headpiece! congrats bitch for your gogirl feature.. :DD u deserve it!


Lucie said...

You are beautiful.

F i K a said...

Happy Eid Mubarak rethaaa!! mohon maaf lahir batin yaa :)
I like the headpiece..soo lovely!!

anw, congratulations for the featured and being the finalist of Fashion Tag..hope you can win it dear :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

eid mubarak...

congratz and i'm happy for you

i've linked u..link me as miss dorothy..tell me when u done,,thx

Susan said...

happy idul fitri kak!
and have a nice holiday :)
always love your blog.


valeriew said...

congrats on your feature!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy eidul fitri.and have wonderful holidays.
u look so cute in each of the pics.

and wish u will win the Fashion Tag of the year 2010! :))


Mouthwash said...

congratulations on your feature!!


Beno Blog said...

salamm kenal mbak

watch vampire diaries online

Shirley said...

wow, congratz for your sucess!
you are amazing!


jed said...

really loving your headband here.. and congrats on being featured! =)