Tuesday, November 09, 2010


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hello, lovelies. How's your life treat you lately? i hope everything is running well as your plans. Sorry for a month absent, been busy with lotta things. And now i'm trying to spread the happennings. Been living in deep grief, My country Indonesia has got several national nature disasters . Flash flood in Wasior , Destructive tsunami in Mentawai , and the latest violent eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta . Truly breaking most people hearts. Even i wasn't live in one of those places, but i feel so deeply sad. They're part of my country, and i do care of it.

Since i worked in media, announcing in a radio is the hardest thing when you notice the news faster than public, and it's breaking my heart to spread the bad news every morning. I PRAY A LOT for my loving country and mother nature INDONESIA, i hope we will recovery very soon and get up from this mess and life trial and the gloom.

Hundreds victims, thousand refugees, tears and sadness. I can't stand for this. I watch the tv and i cry. All i can do is just giving some helps by looking for a donation accounts and invites friends to join the donation. For you who live outside the Indonesia, I'm begging you to pray a little for my country Indonesia . I have some positive minds, that there will be the sun after the storm and he rain.

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some pics from Mount Merapi eruption 2010. Photos courtesy by Kompas web

this site Jalin Merapi help me the most to find the updates about the eruption of mount Merapi.

and this site ACT FOR HUMANITY contains of lotta infos about donation accounts and the latest update about National Disaster Management.

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dusty jacket by Made in the Shade|| white t's by zara basic || chained purse bag by Pull and Bear|| wide leg pants by French Connection|| buckle boots by NVD

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This grey outfits is just a represent of how my feeling right now. I'm still hoping for the best. =)


this is my latest contribution for Hypeed in "Hiking Boots" theme. If you don't mind you could just click the pic and vote me "YES" on the right above tab. Thank you for spending time vivisting my blog, lovelies. I missed you much.


vdcouture said...

i love those shots <3 and that pants looks totally gorgeous on you!



tanteku yg paling capcus!

mari kita berdoa buat indonesia yah tan!
Tuhan pasti mendengar :)

love your shots also!


Iulia Romana said...

Your pants are adorable, I really like their shape ! :) Huuugs :*

Eva Silviana said...

You look so gorgeous on your trousers :D

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

love your jacket :)

and let's pray to Indonesia...

Miy said...

Gorgeous, I feel somehow you are connected in some way with my city.. and I really appreciate the fact that you were among the first people who care and asked about how the eruption affect me. You might look tough, but you're really sweet.

*I feel like giving you a huuuuge big bear hug for you right now.. come to mammaaa..*

P.S: I love your shoes too!

The Picnic Girl

Marla Singer said...

beb, big thanks for your concern to my beloved YK city! everything is still grey and let's pray together for the better days, yeah?
anyway, you look dazzling in those pants! i have no guts to wear them myself =/

ps. see you on dec <333

michellehendra said...

hey gorgeous! yes for your hypeed! and dang you look hot! aw aw aw!

for indonesia, i feel sad :(
but we know everything's gonna be alright.. sooner or later.


Ipah said...

love your shots and keep on prayin' for indonesia! :))

Vivian said...

those are great pics.


Juliet said...

This is my first time at your blog and it looks really great! Visit mine in return? I hope things get better soon!

juliet xxx

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

nice pics! such an odd outfit yet look very cool! anyway, let's pray for indo, hope everything will get better soon.

Olive said...

really love your pants!!

Liz said...

the first pic is awesome <3