Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been two months absence.

No kidding!


Sorry for missing, people. I lost my sense of blogging on these two months. Well, since my internet modem has broken, tons of work on my recording project and teaching partimer jobs is robbing my free time to post in this "abandoned" blog. I'm sorry Blog, I'm sorry lovelies.

Have you ever caught up in strange feeling, feel like i lost more of memory spaces in mind. I can't remember even one major thing in life. Sad.

The year has changed, and still i didn't make any resolution. What i'll do is living life as the way it goes. But one thing for sure i need A LONG REFRESHING SELF-HOLIDAY, AND PERHAPS RESIGN FROM THE PRESENT JOB . =D .

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(Zara Basic T's,Artfashion chained necklace, Banana Republic chino rolled pants, hilltop flower patterned oxford shoes,pull&bear chained purse)

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tons of love


michellehendra said...

classic, striking and rockin! this post is oh-so-you! i haven't done any outfit posts myself for almost 1 month :) keep on doing what you love to, this is major! :) i'm flying back today to melbourne, so next time, let the fate make us meet :)


PUNKIE said...

Hi dear!!! you look gorgeous, your hair are pure heaven!

also, I like the look!
welcome back!

claradevi said...

Welcome back!
Ah don't worry about the little absence - we all got the same routines sucker don't we?
It's a refreshing casual look, reth, and definitely love the sweet touch from your floral shoes.

Clara xx

Tara said...

i'm so glad u're back in blogging world. I love ur flower oxford shoes and Banana Republic chino rolled pants is uber cool. Love it !

Miy said...

You're baaack!! I miss you.. *kisses* and guess what.. I have the exact same shoes as the one you wear here .. aarrgghh.. lovely, eh..

The Picnic Girl

riestya arum permata said...

i love your outfit :)
it awesome .

i'm so glad that you come back :D

King Money said...

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regina stacia abigail said...

its great to see your comeback post! i do wait for this! you always have an edgy yet cool styles which i adore. keep on posting:)

dont forget to check out mine:)



Veren Lee said...

glad you're back kak! gorgeous as usual. love your floral oxfords! <3

Cydney said...

I love EVERYTHING about this. Truly, really nice! :)

{thanks for stopping by my blog. :) }

EevvaStyle said...

I really love this outfit!

Collections said...

love your pants here.


Ju said...

i really like your outfit.
the shoes are great!!

xx ju --> juBook