Friday, August 17, 2012

red blood and white bones

Untuk pertama kalinya saya akan menulis pos blog dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa nasional saya. 17 Agustus 2012, Dalam rangka memperingati dirgahayu ke - 67 negara Indonesia, tanah kelahiran, tumbuh dan berkarya. Merah dan putih senada dengan warna bendera nasional Indonesia. Merah lambang darah yang tumpah pada perjuangan kemerdekaan . Dan putih lambang tulang raga yang berkorban demi kebebasan dan kemerdekaan. Jaya terus, Indonesia!

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As for the very first time i wrote my post in my own national language, Bahasa Indonesia. August 17th 2012, in celebrating the 67th anniversary of Indonesia's independence day, the motherland of my birth, growing up and be something on it. The color of red and white representing the national flag color of Indonesia. Red symbolizes as the blood spilled of patriotists who fight for the nation liberty .White color literally symbolizes the bones that has been sacrificed for the war before the independence day of Indonesia. Long live, Indonesia!

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outfits : red jeans by world jeans international // flowery top by OVilla // peptoe by Chrysalis // sheer cape outerwear by UNLABEL // flower patterned belt by NEW LOOK//versicle's handmade flower crown .

It's two days away before the big day of Eid Mubarak in here, well.. seems everyone will have a long holiday and so am I. Can't wait to arrange family visits and gathering. yeayyerss!

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all photos captured by Shaula Alnilam .

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Owen said...

cute outfit! I like your outerwear :)

Safira Putri said...

Love the hair crown !!!!
And btw selamat hari merdeka indonesia !!!

Cizzyus Connection said...

Oh My...
Your top and belt it so cute ! I love flower !

Elfena said...

Great look!1Nice blog, waht about following each other?

Marla Singer said...

beeeeb is that the one i made? the flower crown? masih ada aja ternyata xD

♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

@versicle ahh yess that' s the one you made two years ago and i still keep it. ;')))). The versicle's flower crown

Clara Dian said...

Glad knowing you're Indonesian :)
Love your top. Cute

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

cute look <3

let's follow each other if you like ;)