Wednesday, January 02, 2013


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WOW~! This is goin to be my 1st post on 2013. We all now said goodbye to 2012, let us open the new sheet of life story. The tears , the laughter, the joy, the sadness, the tragedy, the mystery, the surprise, the gifts. Isn't it life is so wonderful? .

This outfit representing the coloful life might be on 2013. I mixed stripes + cream ombre tulle skirt by LUSH WEBSTORE+ floral vest+ neon tone satchel . I WISH ON EVERYONE'S HAPPINESS ON YEAR AHEAD. So i mustnot say any longer.. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR YOU AND YOU AND YOUUU! KISSES xxx

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outfits: floral headband by VLUOR // stripes Clef de Sol // thrifted floral vest // random neon jelly satchel// cream tulle skirt LUSH WEB STORE //Parachute mochassin

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Cream ombre tulle skirt by LUSH WEB STORE

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Virginie Poetry said...

happy new year fabulous!
Bisous :*

Marla Singer said...

sekarang style kamu cute abeesshhh~
suka deh! happy new year, babe! waiting for you here as promised :*

Valentina said...

adorable :)

rimatambunan said...

hoy kakak kece! hahahaha as soon as possible yah sis ;;) happy new year too!

Lily said...

You're gorgeous! Love these pretty photos and your lovely headband. Would you like to follow each other?

Veronyca Sufry said...

Happy new year !
you look so cute !
love the ombre skirt !



Cute outfit, i love your shoes

fhenny said...

this combo looks so adorable on you
hope you have a wonderful 2013 ahead
style frontier

Adly Velasco said...

I love your hair! So adorable!

Wish & Wear

Lukas Atmaja said...

Hello ms gorgeous! I love your skirt and touch of 'bloomy' on your look!
Visit my new blog, girl :]