Wednesday, February 06, 2013

St. Jerome Laneway Festival 2013

Well, today it's the time for me to share what i had watched on St. Jerome Laneway Festival first stop in Singapore. GOSH! am running out of any words.. everything went awesomely perfect!. That was the truly blast and flash vacation for me. Arrived on Saturday morning i stepped on my first morning flight to Changi International Airport and took MRT to my hostel. I stayed at Traveller@SG which was located on King George's Ave, 500m away from Lavender st. Did some docs checked and put my belongings inside the locker and amready to go to THE MEADOW - GARDEN BY THE BAY ( Laneway fest venue).
here's what i wore on that freakin hot mid sunny day! everything NEONS. That's what i called " I CHALLENGED THE SUN, BRIGHT LIGHT ATTACK!". lol.

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neon green beanie by logyloly //lovechained tank by NEW LOOK// zigzag neon pink short by BECCA// knit neon lime cardi unbranded// UCB Benetton Slingbag // MANGO grey boots

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I met several friends there fortunately so i wasn't that lonely during the all day show. I came at 2 pm when POLICA did their prfromance then try to find the finest spot to watch OF MONSTER AND MEN the Irish Folkband, and continud to REAL ESTATE ..AND MY MOST AWAITED FEMALE SINGER KIMBRA. Gosh.. i can't believe i was in the front row for her!! i stood there, drooling my eyes over her super colorful edgy and recycled made dress. KIMBRA truly brought the venue on FIRE. I sang all her songs ..screamed out loud. and blew some kisses for her. Til midnight it's time for me to enjoy YEASAYER my everyday playlist music, TAME IMPALA then BAT FOR LASHES, and finally GOTYE that became the closing act for the festival. GOTYE WAS AWESOME, he's sucha multi-insturmental and also supercreative musician too. Most of my fave songs of GOTYE (eyes wide open, thanks for your time,the only way,i feel better, in your light, and manymore) had been sung too that night. MY MOST AMAZING MUSIC FEST MOMENT EVERRR! (wow.. i see you guys realize how excited i was, teehee).

Awkay then, here's glimpse of what happened on that BIG DAY. St' Jerome LANEWAY FESTIVAL 1st stop SINGAPORE.

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such an interesting event :)

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so pretty!
it must be fun event hihi :D


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it looks very nice holiday

Masigit said...

a preferred place of vacation is pleasing

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