Friday, March 01, 2013


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It’s March already. Welcome March! Somehow this month always become my most special month over the year, IT’s just because I always feel the vibe of my aging moment. Yep, bday is on the end of MARCH . So I will Celebrate with joy and fun spirit. I started this early month with this productive act. Writing a post. So let’s get it start, shall we?

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As you can see from my posts previously that I like to play with colours. I must admit, I am huge fangirl of 80’s fashion . Bright colors, oversized rivet denim biker jackets, boots, round sunnies and tights. So that’s what I mix for today’s post. VIVID yet BOLD. I love vibrant tones.

Neon knitted beanie – naughtyaccesories // 80s rivet denim jacket Flavia // neon giraffe tight –Kiss shop//chained heart black tank New Look// rivet boots – Bugis Market // round sunnies - mylogylolly

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source: random getty images // edited and cropped by me.

By the March 16th, am goin to JAKARTA to watch my super quirky electronic music diva Claire Boucher aka GRIMES live performance. I can’t believe I won the competition and got the free tix for her show. A bless. Ah yes! Truly can’t wait for dancing up and singin her songs.And by the way the title of this post also taken from her song - OBLIVION, one of my fave song of GRIMES.

check out GRIMES MUSIC!

So i'll see ya on the next post darlings!



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messy box said...

Yes, you are representing of what it's called VIVID yet BOLD !

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Nice photos!


Virginie Poetry said...

hi dear!
As I said on instagram, lovee your pants \m/
Bisous :*

Miss Aa said...

adore your edgy outfit.. suits you perfectly :D

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Kayleigh Jean said...

I love the play on colours you have done in this outfit,its fun and creative those pants are so cool and unique,and I totally love the inspiration board you have put together!
Love your blog,following and looking forward to future posts x

Paulyne Alfinta said...

Hi! I'm just blogwalking here and ind your blog is awesome!! :)

by the way I'm holding cambridge satchel GIVEAWAY, LET'S JOIN HERE

thank you,

Bernadette Czle said...

love your tights!