Saturday, August 03, 2013


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Here i am again, trying to be more regular to update the blog. It's Sunday afternoon here. and 4 days to go to celebrate Eid Mubarak. I smell mass holiday here in Indonesia. Most of people do an exodus to their hometown to visit a family. me? what about my family? well, basically i don't like doing exodus during Eid Mubarak. I can't stand the crowd, the road accident risk, and the tiredness after i arrived there in my dad's hometown. So me and mom decided to spend Eid Mubarak by staying in town, visiting some fams that live in the same town too. Usually i do visiting my dad's hometown and send prayer to his graveyard before Ramadhan the fasting month. It's a kinda tradition here to visit the family graveyard who had passed away. A moment of remembering the loved of family.

This whole fasting month is really made me to do everyworks without take a little breath. I keep working every morning til evening, doing two daily jobs and keep fasting ( no eat no drink no bad things for more or less than 12 hrs). BIG CHALLENGE, eh? Indeed. But it worth the earning that i receive this month. Well, i plan on doing a bigger journey next year so need to save ALOT.. ALOT... yeah, since i'm no longer dependent from my parent for my financial living, i earn them and support the family too. Well, it's so good knowing that you can stand by your own feet and not beng a spoiled lil kid who likes to spend parent's money for shopping this and that. I earn my living ..and i spent them responsibly.

A financial managing becomes my worst enemy for years, so i looked at my saving account and decide to be wiser to use the budget and keep saving. Smart shopping is one of my solution. So i will chanelling on two or three stuffs first and save the bucks to buy them in following months. SALE SEASON always be a saviour to me. THRIFTING also becoming my spender solution. and detox my wardrobe by joining the garage sale.

Oh my God, did i talk too much about this? haha. that's fine..i just really need to share this thought to you guys, my favorite readers. Writing a blog is modern public diary ,where we can share our thought to be seen by many people, whoever they are. I know as a blogger is very tempting to update every single trend and catch up the latest collection, but doesn't mean we will end up broke with no money and keep filling the closet with wardrobes, right? So i hope you all too be wiser to spend the moeny and don't forget to them too for an urgent situation.

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straw hat by OBEY// Skinnies and khaki top by ZARA// opentoe leather heels by CONNEXION// fur leopard coat by ASOS .

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Marla Singer said...

the sickest leopard coat! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE <3333

Ajeng Andianti said...

love your pics so much!
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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So chic I love the coat so much! <3 xx

Naville said...

love your coat, i'll be looking for a similar one this fall

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Amanda Chic said...

Love it!!
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Jane Justine said...

Winter outfit inspiration since I'll be having my first winter this year! >< Thank youu

Shopaholic said...

great fur <3

Liz Jumah said...

very nice blog!
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Liz Jumah said...

very nice blog!
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Sofija T said...

The coat is simply amazing, love it! :)

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Froso M. said...

This coat looks so fierce on you!

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Karina Dinda R. said...

So pretty!! Great post dear, love it :)

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Anonymous said...

Love your leopard cardigan! OMGGG <3

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Avellia Anwar said...

nice outerwear <3

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Mitha Rachmayani said...

Love this outfit!

Gabriele said...

love these photos so much omg!!

Novarinna Tan said...

Love your boots !
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Rizky Boncell said...

nice blog :)


Bernadette Czle said...

love your boots, pretty! xx

Olya Baileys said...

Nice outfit!!!
great coat, very lovely and trendy!

kisses from Ukrane