Saturday, May 23, 2009

this sparkling turquoise stud! STUNNING!


Ouh, can't believe saturday nite coming towards in front of me! Should tell you guys I HATE SATURDAY NITE. I always speechless when the day started. I spent 4 hours in my studio..announcing or maybe working..yeay..working on sat nite is suck!!

Hey, let me introduce my new collection of turquoise studded jacket. I know girls, You might hate and envy me..for this very lucky finding..! since i adore the colour, the jacket got the most gorgeous stud ever for me! Found it 3 weeks ago, but i just not feel brave to wear it in front of public..heheh...i'm afraid someone will steal it from me..! whoohaa.. too much protection for this treasure is A MUST, baby!!

now, watch it carefully the star stud...hmm!! you'll amazed!





Jess Lynn said...

i love it! thanks for the comment on my blog! i really like your blog to! and i love this epicly awesomezzzzz jacket!

Oliphe Butarbutar said...

Love ur jacket!!
Where did you buy it?

Radit said...

Iki nang stasiun yo nggon foto2ne...?