Thursday, August 06, 2009

eat the grass and laugh big

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here goes the insomniac phase of mine. I can't even close my eyes right now. Gaahhhhhh!!. well, these pics is not the latest pics i took. I've posted the previous one on the title "shout for your pride" and i need to posts more pics of 'em and share it with you ladies. ! The session taken on a somewhere rooftop amusing play park. The below picture is taken while i'm in the top of Ferris wheel.enjoy ladies.

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red bubble

gotta turn my head 180 degree.. tee hee..! this pic is scary me actually.. well! (pic below)

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my latest most played cassettes on my player, yeah..wonder why i keep doing the conservative one to play them! ?
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these records is my finding treasures.
* Editors (The Back Room Album)
* FRIDAY E.P ( Mind To Get Close E.P)
* YES NEW YORK (compilation album)
* Ella Fitzgerald ( Goody Goody album)
* Solveig Sandnes ( ANALOG album)
* The SIGIT (Visible Idea of Perfection)

When everyone seems played their faves on mp3 format.. i love my record collections.


Shila G said...

cool photos!

Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

! I love your zeppelin shirt! I recently bought a ton of cassettes.


The Clothes Horse said...

I love your belt!

Blue is in Fashion said...

Nice blog, I like the tee!

Sabila Anata said...

So LOVEEEE your pictures >.<
Ajarin editnya dooooooong
and what camera do you use?
Answer di blog aku yaaa
tx alot :)

Jowy said...

beautiful photo's , i just love the whole jeans ensemble.

One Love,

Blue is in Fashion said...

Thanks for your comment!
I only link blogs from which I feature pictures for my collages... but I will feature you soon, so it's ok :D


So beautiful shots!

Love it so much! The jacket is so perfect and also the look!!

Would you please do me a favor?
My link is wrong at your link list! Would you please check it out?
I thank you much!



Jowy said...


One Love,

F i K a said...

the photos are great!!
like it so it because the editing or the real photos are also great? :)

anw,,wanna exchange link with me?
thx be4 :)

bethannyputri said...

cooooooooooool shots love

Sabila Anata said...

Ooooh , digital camera apaaa? Trus berapa MP ? Kirain pake SLR abis fotonya bagus baguuuuus hhe :)
Hmmm , buku edit photoshop yang bagus tuh yang karangan siapaaaa ? hheee mau cari di toko buku
Oh yea 1 more question , itu ukuran foto fotonya berapa x berapa yaaaa ?
Maaf banyak nanyaaa haha
tx yaaaa

Sabila Anata said...

oh yaaa , i forgot hhe
kalo mau order sms aja ya ke betty : 085697884444

Shilla Annisa Mikaila said...

Cool photos! :D
Teach me how :) I'm really interested in editing photos but I don't know how -_-

Reply in my blog


Tori said...

Love this ensemble. =)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

veryyy rad photos! i love them all. and you've got great bangs xx

Anonymous said...

sorry for the long reply.
thanks for linked me :)
i've linked u too.
anw,those photos are all great!

Velo said...

i love ur style gurll...
let's we exchange links... =D
i am linking yours now..

TARA said...

thank's ya udah kasih comment ke blog gw...jujur gw suka banget photo shoot kamu, keren2 banget ajarin gw donk bikin photo shoot sekeren kamu :)jawab di blog gw ya :)

Panda said...

Awesome photos, that band tee is great. Thanks for your sweet comment, and i hope your having a lovely summer,

Panda x

myrrh goldframe said...

WOW.. those are lovely comments. Thank's a million.. ;D

Damsels said...

love that shirt . ahh i hate when i cant go to sleep . my insomina is my worst enemy

indigo said...
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[LA] said...

COOL TEE! (I need this last!)

Eleh said...

you are rocking this look!! love it!!

ShoeBox Gal said...

lovely photos, simply beautiful! :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

Hey Lauretha,

You look awesome, love the belt.

&& cassettes?!? Seriously? I don't even know where mine are/if I still have any! Ella Fitzgerald is a must... nice choice!

What Was I Thinking?

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

rock chic you are!
kapan ke jakarta lagi? gw ke sby selepas tanggal 20an. i'll see here and i'll see there, ok?! :)

myrrh goldframe said...

hey.. yes..yess.. dhyt.. i'll suu you here ..and i'll see you there!! ;D

anna bu said...

wow great photos! the denim jacket and the boots are supercool!


Caroline Robianto said...

aaaaaaa lo mau ke jakarta???

Laura said...

Nice pictures! Love your jacket!


wonderfull soo 80´s

style of olya baileys said...

very nice pix hun *))