Wednesday, May 30, 2012


31st of May, wheew! times flies i know. Im so glad welcoming June. I can feel the positive energy coming towards me. I have made several agreements to additional job by next month, means i will be more busy than before.

Sometimes routines make you feel so bored, but in my personal opinion doing nothing can be more boring to myself. I love to be productive. pssstt, and so i'll make my another experimental electronic music project come true by next week. Back in the independent music production industry is always challenging . Yippikayeyy!

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creme trench coat by GAP
pastel turquoise tshirt by ZARA basic
pale peachy maxi skirt by SELFISH

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thank's for staying with me, everyone.



Amazing skirt and coat!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing outfit! Love the coat <3 X

indie by heart said...

Really cute top & skirt! :)

Indie by heart

Seeking Style said...

Love these photos - gorgeous skirt!

xo Jennifer

valonia irene said...

loveee your skirt so! : D