Sunday, March 29, 2009


After two days waiting for the bitches giving the confirmation to fulfill my invitation.. a busy Saturday afternoon makes my head dizzy. A new program was given to me for the RRI PRO 2 FM FUNPLUGGED.
4 p.m.. i was catching up for the "wash and hair blow" ..hmm..lucy didn't came up yet!
5.30 pm like a turbo wash lucy brought me to the blind area

6.45 pm/ Tunjungan Plaza IV / SUSHI TEI


It's time to Blow The Candle of Green Tea CUPCAKE and made TWENTY FOUR Birthday wishes

Please meet Shaula Alnilam Setianegara my #1 halflife. she gave me the SWEETEST KISS i've ever HAD! lovely! Love you so damn MUCH dek!

The Bitches minus one (from left to right: Lucy, Me, Shaula and Paramitha)

she's the "minus one" meet Rachmadyan the Queen of BURGERMAN ( jl. Bawean 28, Sby)

THE MADNESS..let's start the Dinner! Fyi, that was the half of the "tonight sushi menus" I ordered for more than ten PLATES...hahahhaha..!

note: the affect of eating too much Black CAVIAR SUSHI and friends..will cause a MENTAL DEGRADATION, Like mine

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