Monday, July 27, 2009

Burst Your Head!

I've been tagged by INBERT to share 6 things makes me happy:
(random chart)

#1. Freakin' Shoes

#2. Sunlight strikes the forest

#3. Sour Mango Sweets

#4. This perfect couple (once) Irina and Sean Lennon

#5. Sky and Cloud Gazing

#6. Asparagus Crab Soup

I'll pass it to these ladies:


Vorega Badalamenti

Diamond Hurts

Lacy Mess

I love versicle

Ohh people.. i caught the I HATE MONDAY syndrome! Stuck on 8 am morning shift on my studio, doing announcing when your heart not on earth. Blahhh.... then forgot your own breakfast. Also feeling so upset with the customer services of the Internet Flash Provider.. THEY"RE SO LAME to solve a tiny prob of my wireless modem! darn!

Well..i always wanted to post these below pics completely for ages. Yeah, started with the hot sunny day afterall, and pushing your head down, then give up and leaving the life!

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as soon, i'll do this act to SCUMS who try to burst my life! AWAYYYY Scums!!

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PUNKIE said...

great outfit, love this pants!

Hardini said...

hello, i really love your style ! :)

Jaaayrin said...

ahhh i just your personal blog via chictopia ... you have great style! ;)

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Hey... Thanks for posting about it girl. I luv your pants by the way,


LACY said...

OMG, thanks so much for tagging me and I luv luv luv this outfit, i seriously need your hat :)

Flashes of Style said...

You look fabulous!! Love this post :)

febrina utami putri said...

heiii what an interesting blog!! and your fashion sense, wow it's inspire me. wanna exchange links perhaps? i've linked u though

Carla Novia said...

what camera did you use? colour tonenya bagus banget deh. nice blog!

Damsels said...

i would really love to exchange the links yours is going up now .

t a l i s h a said...

nice pants.. yea your phots have got this vintage, jadul-ish effect. cool!
please lemme knw wht camera do you use.. hehehe

DiamondHurts said...

thank u darling :D

i love the freakin' shoes so muchhhhhh, the sunlight that strikes the forest i just met them in Bali :), Sour Mango Sweets my fav i always buy it if i go to carefour hahahha, Irina and Sean Lennon the perfect match :D btw his beard looks like my bf hahaha, i also just met the Sky and Cloud Gazing last week, and this last one Asparagus Crab Soup my fav too if i had lunch at hotel but the heart is just too kyotttt yummmm slurpssss...., thanks darling...

i love your pants ohhhh i wish i have amazing legs like yours hiks..., the jacket too hihihihi sooo kweeellll.... :D

myrrh goldframe said...

thank's a zillion ladies for commenting my ordinary blog.. so glad to now you want to passing by.

Tink in My Closet said...

Great combination. So chic and effortless.

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

you look awesome, beib!!! i love your rolled up pants. and that hat really rocks! dimana ini?

myrrh goldframe said...

@ stain : it's my seceret hidden place, dear..! yeahh..nooo.. it's somewhere place with historical monument. The Hero's Monument.. the icon of SURABAYA. ;D

UnoCosa said...

honey - those pants are so amazing ... comfy, cool and totally you!!! and how i am jealous of those sunshine!!! did you know that it is crazily raining the whole and, supposedly, the whole weekend here in new york??? and i am so hearing about customer service, i always got so angry - and nowadays, i just give up!!! ... i miss July! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.