Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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It was always fun takin' shoots in a park. Trees, bench, kids playground. Those what i missed from my childhood. I went to the park every Sunday with my dad, and we surely had so much fun times .

Nowadays, i found rather rare for such kind of family parks in town. The govt ever built parks but sometimes people give less concern to take care of it. So sad to see, i wish people here would take their children and spend their time in the park more often than taking them to the mall or giving them the game gadgets. When i was a child, both of my parent introduced me to play and become park friendly kid. Rode a bike, played in the swing, teeter board and sliding board.

Speaking of my outfit, i was wearing a faux leather pants in midday. So can you imagine how stiffling it was? But it's my fave one tho', so i'd wear it anytime i wanted.

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  • Cotton Ink shawl worn as bolero
  • Justice leopard tank
  • Zara faux leather pants
  • Charms maryjane shoes
  • /F21 camel double belted
  • Pull&Bear purse

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Thas all for now, i have to catch up my workin schedule. Yep, routines keep me hectic. I'd be soon doing blogwalking and leave traces in some pretty blogs i stumble. CIAO!


METROX LOVES YOU the blog. said...

The leather pants just amazing! We love it!! ;)

MLU the blog.

Christine Yun said...

Lovely pictures! You have great style. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Want to follow each other?


NewlyLoved said...

Great Blog, Great Style

xo Jessica

-------------- said...

your so beautiful dear ! love that top !
anyway, i am interest with your blog <3
mind to follow each other? <3


♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

Thank you for stumbling by my blog. ♥

Jessille said...

nice photos...love em
btw if u like lets follow each other

Jasmin said...

i adore your style you look wonderful!


OctoberSong said...

You have perfect hair! Very rock and roll.. Xx