Wednesday, April 04, 2012


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Good day, all! how's everything goin? . It's another picture that i took in a photo studio for occasion needs. Dual colors outfit, simplicity. Love this sheer outer batwing from UNLABEL , a gift from a friend. It's long weekend ahead, i guess i couldn't spend longer for the weekend. Reminding that i still have to attend my office on Saturday morning.

White it out !

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  • white sheer outer batwing by UNLABEL
  • skinny by MNG
  • belt Forever 21
  • open toe boots by BERTINNI
  • chain necklace by CENTRO
  • wrist watch ADIDAS CLASSIC
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style-xyz said...

beautiful photos! I love your hair :)

Stephanie Lin said...

What a great top. I love the drape of it!

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Yaumil Farah said...

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Yaumil Farah said...

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